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Artist Tip Of The Month

Making Darks

Watercolor painters sometimes have a hard time mixing good strong darks, which are needed to hold the painting together and to emphasize the focal point. A good rich dark needs to have a feeling of luminosity and atmosphere, and getting some color into them is the best way to achieve this. Practice using the following mixtures in your paintings. Get familiar with them until you feel comfortable using them and know how each behaves when used in your painting. These mixes can also be successfully used with oil or acrylic paints.
  1. Ultramarine blue & Alizarin crimson
  2. Phthalo blue, Alizarin crimson & Brunt sienna
  3. Viridian or Sap green & Cadmium red
  4. Ultramarine blue, Brunt Sienna or Brunt Umber
  5. Ivory Black, Viridian & Brunt Sienna
  6. Paynes Gray & Brunt Sienna
It's important to experiment with your art supplies to know exactly what effects you can achieve. Creativity is the cornerstone of successful painting. The abstract painter seeks to communicate with the viewer by means of visual language.

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