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Downtown Gallery 630

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Artist Tip Of The Month

The Color Wheel

Understanding & using the color wheel is something the artist must be familiar with. The wheel is composed of three primary colors --- red, yellow and blue --- three secondary colors --- mixing any two primary makes a secondary --- green, purple and orange. The third set of colors (tertiary) comes from mixing a secondary and a primary. This gives you twelve colors. All colors are defined by various terms. Hue is the basic color of an object (red, yellow and so on). Local color is the true color of an object's surface, without any influence from atmospheric conditions or color of light. Shade is the darkening of a color with black or the color's complement (the color directly opposite one another on the color wheel). Using complement colors can make your paintings more vibrant. Temperature is the warmth or coolness of a color. Reds and yellows are warm, blues and greens are cool, but there are cool reds and warm blues. Tint is the result of lightening a color with white. Value and tone are the lightness or darkness of a color. These are facts that all artists should commit to memory.

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